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David helps with:

  • Web Content

  • Blog Content

  • Newsletters

  • Case Studies

  • White Papers

  • Industry Articles & Reporting

  • Ghostwriting

  • Print Ads & Brochures

  • Employee Communications

  • Sales Collateral

  • Reach tough/highly specialized groups

  • ...or let me know what you need

David's recent portfolio

(or, go to blog)

Published at (site of Dr. Loren Cordain):

"Paleo Diet implications for ALZHEIMER'S"


"Orthorexia Nervosa"-- a real diagnosis?  

"Researchers divided in diabetes diet study"

"Diabetes researchers still divided, part 2" 

"Retire like a Cave-person" (diet / finance)

Primal Hacker: 


 "Ormus & Sungazing"

Insurance & Financial Credits:


AGRR MAGAZINE:  Liability & Driverless Cars

RISK & INSURANCE: Cyber Security

THINKADVISOR.COM: Sales Strategies Part 1

THINKADVISOR.COM: Sales Strategies Part 2




Health Insurance for the Self Employed


Old-fashioned networking tips  to increase sales


Marketing "before you're ready" WORKS



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Why work with David


  • 24 years in sales:  including door-to-door, by phone, at both kitchen &  boardroom table, and on the Web.  


  • 24 years writing for business:  over time I created more and more of my own marketing, followup, and educational materials. Success bred success--the more I "wrote my own" the better I did. 



Your audience is listening...


I adapted many generic “head office” originals and got great results—while maintaining full regulatory compliance.  My originals were (and are) absurdly easy to follow -- and so effective that I would refuse any sales call until I could customize them to my prospect.  


The secret ingredient? My work is always 


  • audience-specific  

  • clear as a bell.


For me, writing is as much fun as selling. I love to organize and present information it's now what I do full-time. 



Fine Print Friendly


I speak the language of 


  • Emergency & survival prepping

  • Paleo & Ancestral living

  • Alternative healthcare & Aging


I enjoy simplifying  options, procedures or concepts - - whether you need to to sell, communicate, or teach.  


Content driven by


  • Company policy

  • Product Liability 

  • Regulations & restrictions


comes naturally to me.


I know the all-important balance of

disclosure & liability vs. sales information

in persuasive or educational copy.



Senior preparedness: I get it


I "aged in place" for years as a LONG TERM CARE planner (insurance, estate planning, government programs, personal and lifestyle preparedness--retirement and beyond).

  • Senior lifestyle vs prepping concerns?

  • Eldercare / health issues and prepping?

  • Budget vs prep needs (any age group)? 

No problem!


You set the tone, I take care of business


I am relaxed, fun and flexible to work with—but that doesn’t mean I don’t sweat the details. I get up to speed quickly, and will enjoy learning about your project.


I work effectively in fast-paced, no-nonsense settings - - or hover patiently while projects evolve.


I am responsive, professional, and timely.  I worship deadlines, and value communication and clarity.


You’re busy…I can help. Let me create your next newsletter, page or post.   


I greatly respect your time.  If your project or deadline is not a good fit—I will tell you immediately.


I want to deliver what you deserve:  110%. 

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Why David

Doing business with David:

  • Projects are quoted by the job.  Contact me for a quote, or estimated price range.


  • 1/2 of fee will be deposited up front (starts the work), the other 1/2 due at completion.


  • “Rush” projects cost more, (up to 50% more) if I can take them.


  • If the project terminates AFTER copywriting is complete, the writer is entitled to receive the contracted fee in full.


  • If the project terminates DURING copywriting, fees will be adjusted by an hourly rate based on the writer’s time in the project.  The writer is entitled to be paid for all hours invested.


  • Project fees include up to TWO rounds of revision/rewrite.  Further revision will be charged at an hourly (or pre-negotiated) rate.


  • “NO SURPRISES:”  writer will submit spec copy and drafts during the project, to ensure your needs are met….and avoid those last minute total revisions


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Working with David


From 1998:  President & CFO, Whiteside Agency, Inc., including all business communications, marketing writing, copywriting

From 2009-2022: Medicaid & SNAP administration for state of Utah, title "Eligibility Specialist, Level II"

From 1994-2022:  licensed insurance agent, financial advisor,  Long Term Care planning consultant

From 2013-2022:  PPACA Certified Agent for Covered California, that state’s Healthcare Exchange



2015  Accelerated Copywriting

2015  Web Copywriting "2.0"


2006-2008   Founding Director: Southern Utah Elder Care Planning Council


2004-2009  Real Estate Finance:  licensed mortgage/”reverse” mortgage agent, CA & UT 



(WMA Securities, Jefferson Pilot Securities)


BA Degree, Liberal Arts,

St. John's College, Santa Fe NM


Banking:  Operations Officer,

Wells Fargo Bank


Accounting studies: 

Dixie State College, St. George, UT


Paralegal studies: 

Dixie State College, St. George, UT


Taxation studies: 

H&R Block tax prep course

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Who is David Whiteside...
The Pistolero of Paleo Prepping Prose? 

I live in the sunny southwest USA, with 

the most beautiful woman in the world...we met as opera singers.  We enjoy the Paleo lifestyle daily, and visit many close-by National Parks whenever we can.  Besides writing, I enjoy hiking, weightlifting, Old West lore & Cowboy Action Shooting, hand-loading, fine wines--and fine tuning our preps.  

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Beyond this web site I don't use social media. I believe it does more harm than good.

I have tried Facebook 3 times over the last few  years, and each time was quickly overwhelmed by the empty, thoughtless jabber filling my inbox. 

I have no problem discussing serious issues in context...but have never been comfortable with the idea of artificial community, where anyone can say anything, any time, virtually without consequence.

Social media increasingly enables passion and unconsidered opinion over substance. Dialogue, such as it is, quickly becomes the online equivalent of people yelling at each other in a crowded nightclub--neither hearing nor caring what others say. 

Few appear to realize that these kindergarten-level yelling forums are largely hosted by "platforms" which appear neutral, safe, and conducive to "community"...but were constructed specifically to capture and parse personal data, monitor content, and both track and manipulate users. 

By enabling "free expression" of anyone's ideas or opinion, these platforms have harvested oceans of data--not just on what we might purchase, but on where we are, what we think & believe, and what we might do (or NOT do) in any given situation. 

Even worse,  the gradual restriction, skewing, or outright censorship of "controversial" content, by the platforms themselves, has begun in earnest and will only get worse (as of 8/4/2020). Most users don't (and may never) realize this, but startlingly obvious attempts to propagandize or indoctrinate users continue to ramp up daily. 

The bulk of this manipulation is done in time-honored fashion: 1) suppression of information that might contradict mainstream narratives, and 2) pumping up the volume of those same narratives with endless, monotonous repetition. 

Uncritical acceptance of the world as interpreted by "big tech platforms" (including Mainstream Media via the wider internet) can be hazardous to your health. We have only to look at how media  has misled the general public for over 50 years on diet and health, resulting in the current obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other chronic disease epidemics.  

(To be fair, social media can be useful. Facebook (and Zoom)  have immensely aided my wife, a veteran schoolteacher, in her abrupt transition to remote instruction. She is also an artist, and enjoys participating in dedicated creative online communities. )

It's outside these communities that care must be taken. Engaging with the world  through popular mainstream platforms automatically makes the user a pawn in a dangerous game. Expression of dearly held views probably draws more attention from media platform monitors and their algorithms than any personal list of recipients, "friends" or followers.  


This engagement can also provoke the twitter-horde frenzy so prevalent today--a rude chorus of generic opinions, remarks or empty outrage  that increasingly reveals itself as algorithmically generated (if not simply hammered out by captive "trolls.") This has become a  vastly effective manipulative force. 

Apart from blindly ejecting our beliefs into cyberspace, simple reliance on media for "facts" and guidance is also problematic. Web and other media Information has been quietly skewed, slanted, suppressed or faked for decades, but is now being openly manipulated, in real time.


Today's twin crises, the pandemic and social unrest, have created a unique opportunity to observe what are or are not considered "safe" ideas for the credulous citizen...raising these questions: 


Why should we be insulated from certain information?


Can't we make our own decisions?


Could it be that we aren't hearing the full story?


What would we do IF we had ALL the facts? 

For now, if we make the effort, we can still look outside the online corral (feedlot?) of mainstream and social media, to locate alternate viewpoints or learn about events or information  that fully contradict what most of us hear from conventional sources. 

We should take advantage of this while we can. 

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