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snakefoot BEANS & SIDES


"flavorS rare as snake's feet"

Tired of beans that suck?


Disappointed by store-bought or mom's old standby glop? Parties sag when your guests reach the side dishes?


SNAKEFOOT small-batch hand-cooked barbecue beans: the next-level sweet, spicy, tangy, smoky snack or side you've waited for...


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Years ago, southern Utah resident DIAMONDBACK DAVE tasted some incredible beans at a Western re-enactment event, cooked on-site outdoors: fresh, smoky & spicy from a proprietary recipe. 

An ex-restauranteur and dedicated home chef, Dave tried every canned variety and published recipe as he pursued that same flavor--without success. Not to be denied, he wound up completely killing a stove to create his own recipe from scratch. 

The result:


  • Beans that don't bore you after the first or second bite.


  • High-flavor, fun-to-eat beans that some of Dave's family members eat for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner.


  • INTENSE spicy, tangy, sweet smoky flavor accompanies any barbecue or other spicy dish, no matter how hot. Beef, chicken, pork, you name it. 

  • Unique, unusual flavor goes well with international cuisines. These are the beans diplomats would serve if they could get their hands on them. 

Available ONLY in the St. George-Washington-Ivins-Santa Clara metro area through the LOCAL CHOW APP. Must order minimum 24 hrs ahead. Currently available weekends only due to demand.