Book:  How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It: Tactics, Technique and Tech

Author:  James Wesley, Rawles

(the comma is not a typo)


I discovered this book in the early 2000's. Since then I've realized that practically everything I know about prepping either comes straight out of this text or is filtered through it. I just ordered my third copy. Keep one on hand, sealed up and safe for end-times reference.


The book is easy to read and offers deep technical info--including where to locate more guidance online. James' military background shines throughout.  I consider him my godfather-of-prep. 

His SurvivalBlog website is a true encyclopedia of prep, from basics to exotic and advanced ideas, products and tech. I visit most days. 

James has also written several important survival novels that are deliberately crafted to include MASSIVE on-the-spot, pertinent info on prepper strategies, gear, weapons, long term planning, and much more.


Patriots: A novel of survival in the coming collapse is an excellent introduction to the "what and why" of prepper minutiae. As much a how-to text as fictional narrative, it is a great companion to How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It (see above.) 


Website:  SHTF blog

Founder and Editor: Derrick James

Very timely and focused posts on a variety of prep concerns and products. Derrick and his team don't mess around--I have not received an update that didn't teach me something I wish I'd known years ago. Get on their distribution list. 



Website:  The Prepper Journal

Proprietor and Ramrod: Pat Henry

Very comprehensive, easy-to-navigate site, with tons of valuable information. Well organized and presented in very low-key, accessible format--including unexpected lifestyle touches that you could spend all day browsing. Kudos to Pat, who warmly welcomed me in a personal email exchange when I signed up. 



Website:  The Organic Prepper

Commander in Chief: Daisy Luther

Sprawling, ambitious, informative resource with a strong current-events, political focus. Plenty of opinion mixed with vital prep information. Great emphasis on mind-set and "philosophy of prep" articles compared to other sites. You may not agree with everything you read but you will richer for the experience!




Website:  Survival Sullivan

Commander in Chief: Dan Sullivan

I discovered Dan through his thoughtful, fine-focused firearm reviews.  This is a great, uncluttered site. Info ranges from surviving nuclear armageddon to off grid living tips. You can feel Dan's concern and personal pride on every page. 



you CAN be both old AND healthy

as the world slides into TEOTWAWKI

(these books changed our lives)

Book:  The Paleo Diet

Author:  Loren Cordain, Ph.D.


See also Dr. Cordain's The Paleo Diet for Athletes, and The Paleo Answer. Dr. Cordain is considered one of the earliest pioneers of Paleo & Ancestral living.  His work is refreshingly direct, and clearly presented. No hype here, just loads of well-researched guidance. Might be considered the "strictest" approach to Paleo, which is not a bad thing.


Book: The Primal Blueprint

Author:  Mark Sisson


The book is wide-ranging, easy to read, one of the best all around resources. The site is a great clearinghouse for up-to-the minute Paleo lifestyle community tips and concerns. See also Mark's work on ketogenic dieting, The Keto Reset Diet


Book:  The Whole 30

Authors:  Melissa & Dallas Hartwig


Outstanding, simple and direct intro to the "anti-inflammatory" (Paleo) diet.) Wisely leaves the science to a companion book (It Starts With Food), making it easy for newbies to grasp basics and jump in with confidence. Me included.


Book:  The Wahls Protocol

Author: Dr. Terry Wahls, MD


Dr. Wahl's own story of how she beat MS using Paleo and ketogenic dietary principles--and the implications for overcoming many other autoimmune diseases--is easy to read and too important (and well researched) to ignore. Look for the REVISED and EXPANDED version after March 2020. 


Book:  The Paleo Solution

Author:  Robb Wolf


Engaging intro to Paleo, with emphasis on science and fitness. Robb's background as a biochemist really shines through. Robb is a breath of fresh air online too, offering tons of info in podcast format.


Book:  Nourishing Traditions

Author:  Sally Fallon


Sally is not a Paleo advocate per se, but offers so much clear, comprehensive nutritional advice in Nourishing Traditions that I could not put it down.  Please read all the snippets, quotes and sidebars.  Anyone thinking about processed food vs. whole foods needs this book--which also highlights the groundbreaking research of Weston A. Price (How the modern Western diet affects the health of  ancestral/hunter-gatherer populations.)


Book:  Paleo Principles

Author:  Sarah Ballantyne Ph.D


Dr. Ballantyne, a medical biophysicist,  has also written The Paleo Approach (and others) but I discovered her through this book. If you need the "fine print" on why Paleo works, this is your read--dense, encyclopedic, research- and citation-based. Includes an awesome list of actual studies that validate Paleo. 


Book:  Practical Paleo

Author: Diane Sanfilippo


Diane's overview of her journey to Paleo is passionate and compelling.  I also appreciated her willingness to give helpful lists and repeat basic important principles throughout the text. A great Paleo starter book.


Book: The Paleo Cure

Author:  Chris Kresser


Chris is an important Paleo and alternative health community figure as well as a functional medicine practitioner. His personal journey is very inspiring. I strongly recommend signing up for his super informative email updates.


Book: Primal Fat Burner

Author: Nora Gedgaudas


I really enjoyed Nora's own story (the wolves!) and her passionate, well-argued approach to a well-balanced-keto dietary approach. She deeply influenced my extended keto phase, and had the most useful, hands-on advice to give about achieving and sustaining healthy ketosis.

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