Paleo, Ancestral and "alternative health" resources I have used: 

Book:  The Paleo Diet

Author:  Loren Cordain, Ph.D.


See also Dr. Cordain's The Paleo Diet for Athletes, and The Paleo Answer. Dr. Cordain is considered one of the earliest pioneers of Paleo & Ancestral living.  His work is refreshingly direct, and clearly presented. No hype here, just loads of well-researched guidance. Might be considered the "strictest" approach to Paleo, which is not a bad thing.


Book: The Primal Blueprint

Author:  Mark Sisson


The book is wide-ranging, easy to read, one of the best all around resources. The site is a great clearinghouse for up-to-the minute Paleo lifestyle community tips and concerns. See also Mark's work on ketogenic dieting, The Keto Reset Diet


Book:  The Whole 30

Authors:  Melissa & Dallas Hartwig


Outstanding, simple and direct intro to the "anti-inflammatory" (Paleo) diet.) Wisely leaves the science to a companion book (It Starts With Food), making it easy for newbies to grasp basics and jump in with confidence. Me included.


Book:  The Wahls Protocol

Author: Dr. Terry Wahls, MD


Dr. Wahl's own story of how she beat MS using Paleo and ketogenic dietary principles--and the implications for overcoming many other autoimmune diseases--is easy to read and too important (and well researched) to ignore. Look for the REVISED and EXPANDED version after March 2020. 


Book:  The Paleo Solution

Author:  Robb Wolf


Engaging intro to Paleo, with emphasis on science and fitness. Robb's background as a biochemist really shines through. Robb is a breath of fresh air online too, offering tons of info in podcast format.


Book:  Nourishing Traditions

Author:  Sally Fallon


Sally is not a Paleo advocate per se, but offers so much clear, comprehensive nutritional advice in Nourishing Traditions that I could not put it down.  Please read all the snippets, quotes and sidebars.  Anyone thinking about processed food vs. whole foods needs this book--which also highlights the groundbreaking research of Weston A. Price (How the modern Western diet affects the health of  ancestral/hunter-gatherer populations.)


Book:  Paleo Principles

Author:  Sarah Ballantyne Ph.D


Dr. Ballantyne, a medical biophysicist,  has also written The Paleo Approach (and others) but I discovered her through this book. If you need the "fine print" on why Paleo works, this is your read--dense, encyclopedic, research- and citation-based. Includes an awesome list of actual studies that validate Paleo. 


Book:  Practical Paleo

Author: Diane Sanfilippo


Diane's overview of her journey to Paleo is passionate and compelling.  I also appreciated her willingness to give helpful lists and repeat basic important principles throughout the text. A great Paleo starter book.


Book: The Paleo Cure

Author:  Chris Kresser


Chris is an important Paleo and alternative health community figure as well as a functional medicine practitioner. His personal journey is very inspiring. I strongly recommend signing up for his super informative email updates.


Book: Primal Fat Burner

Author: Nora Gedgaudas


I really enjoyed Nora's own story (the wolves!) and her passionate, well-argued approach to a well-balanced-keto dietary approach. She deeply influenced my extended keto phase, and had the most useful, hands-on advice to give about achieving and sustaining healthy ketosis.

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