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New journey: senior emergency preparedness

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Paleo55plus knows how tough it is to overcome dietary preconceptions
Time to move on

New chapter on the anvil

Thanks so much to all who have visited or subscribed over the years. I remain strongly committed to the Paleo / Ancestral lifestyle but will no longer promote it.

My new focus may incorporate some Paleo nutritional concepts, but will focus mostly on wider issues of emergency preparedness--which may be more important than many realize, especially for us older folks.

Stay in touch for details.

Feel free to email me with questions about Paleo, any of the earlier articles on the site, or related matters. Just remember I too am consumed by daily life and may not respond quickly.

Most of my diet and lifestyle articles were also published at the the Paleo Diet website and can be viewed there.

I invite those interested to copy/paste or otherwise capture and use any of this site's content without restraint. Articles published at The Paleo Diet are the property of that site, please make sure you follow their rules if applicable.

Your attention over the years has been much appreciated.

I wish you well in these appallingly uncertain times. Keep reading to stay up on readiness for worst-case scenarios!


And don't forget...

DAVID WHITESIDE IS NOT A DOCTOR and does not give medical advice or treatment. He offers research, information and personal experience only. Nothing you read on this website or blog should be construed as medical advice or as intended to supersede information you get from your medical professional. Following the advice given here or on any recommended resource site does not create a doctor-patient relationship or create liability for David or anyone else. David is not liable for any loss or complication you experience from following any diet or taking any action. You should check with your properly accredited medical professional if you think you are injured or ill.

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