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Introducing the Paleo Retirement Plan

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Paleo55plus can show you how to save money on Long Term Care
YES: the paleo lifestyle CAN save you money in retirement!

What you eat now directly affects what you will spend later on health care.

If you spend 50+ years (like me) in pasta-, sugar- and bread-based systemic inflammation, glucose insensitivity (pre-diabetes anyone?) and rampant intestinal permeability...and you don't stop won't escape the half-million-dollar retiree health care trap.

Whether by design or fortunate (for medical corporations) happenstance, lifelong adherence to the standard American diet pretty much guarantees your permanent co-dependence on doctors, medications, hospitals and, finally, long-term care facilities.

And, after age 65, you will spend more and more of your own money as you ooze across that spectrum of care--even if you were lucky enough to qualify for LTC insurance.

Aren't you excited about helping to finance the medical profession in the last years of your life?

Is there a way to keep up to $300,000.00 or even $500,000.00 in your pocket instead?

Please read my complete post at, where I crunch some numbers and examine the potential savings when you Retire Like A Cave-Person.

And don't forget....

DAVID WHITESIDE IS NOT A DOCTOR and does not give medical advice or treatment. He offers information and personal experience only. Nothing you read on this website or blog should be construed as medical advice or as intended to supersede information you get from your medical professional. Following the advice given here or on any recommended resource site does not create a doctor-patient relationship or create liability for David or anyone else. David is not liable for any loss or complication you experience from following any diet or taking any action. You should check with your properly accredited medical professional if you think you are injured or ill.

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