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High carb diets shown again to cause dementia and Alzheimer's

Paleo55plus reminds you that your body evolved LONG before sugar became widely available
Science proves (again) that sugar is NOT the brain's "preferred" energy source

Despite the overwhelming flow of mainstream "wisdom" about sugar (that it's ok in moderation, it doesn't cause illness, it's natural/plant-based, a healthy quick-energy source, grandmas everywhere put it in cookies, etc. etc.), independent scientists continue to demonstrate otherwise.

A recent study has shown that relying largely or exclusively on glucose, derived from a high-carbohydrate diet, literally scrambles your brain--reducing the ability of different brain regions and neural networks to connect and communicate.

This reduced connectivity ages the brain, and sets it up for dementia--much earlier in life than we might think.

For all the ghastly (and they are ghastly) details, please take the time to read my latest post at The Paleo Diet website:


P.S. Remember, carbs from bread, pasta, chips, crackers etc. wind up as glucose in your bloodstream. It doesn't have to be sweet to jangle your noggin.


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