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Healthy Aging: diet vs. cancer with Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Paleo55plus thinks you should read Dr. Seyfried's book
Keto plays a big part in starving cancer cells--but this ain't your grandpa's keto

Dr. Thomas Seyfried is a widely published, respected researcher and faculty member at Boston College, not an "alternative healthcare" or new age practitioner. When you hear him speak, he clearly comes from a traditional medical background.

His ideas, however, on how we get cancer, how it spreads, and how to treat it are definitely not mainstream--which is a good thing, because despite billions of dollars and decades of research, mainstream cancer research has been ineffective in reducing cancer deaths.

Please see my full post at the Paleo Diet web site for a complete, easily digestible introduction to the fascinating science behind his ideas--including how inflammation can be carcinogenic, how low-carb, ketogenic dieting is part of the cure, and how Ancestral dieting may help keep us cancer-free:


And don't forget...

DAVID WHITESIDE IS NOT A DOCTOR and does not give medical advice or treatment. He offers research, information and personal experience only. Nothing you read on this website or blog should be construed as medical advice or as intended to supersede information you get from your medical professional. Following the advice given here or on any recommended resource site does not create a doctor-patient relationship or create liability for David or anyone else. David is not liable for any loss or complication you experience from following any diet or taking any action. You should check with your properly accredited medical professional if you think you are injured or ill.

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