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Censorship 1, Science journalism 0

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Paleo55plus urges you to think critically about mainstream info on food, drugs and health
Don't get check-mated by the pharmaco-media-industrial complex

Crossfit recently posted three important articles by Dr. Maryanne Demasi, a "controversial" Australian science journalist.

In "Science and censorship--my story" Dr. Demasi gives the chilling details of how multinational corporate interests suppressed legitimate reporting on statins and cholesterol, including a successful, highly regarded two-part TV special that challenged conventional wisdom. The steps taken to essentially eliminate all traces of the broadcast and extensive research behind it, and ultimately to terminate Dr. Demasi's employment by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, are truly alarming.

"In Science we trust--or do we?" gives a brief overview of the growing opacity of study- and clinical trial results, which increasingly tend to bolster mainstream multinational pharmaceutical and food messaging, even in the face of growing contradictory evidence. Following the money becomes very important, and Dr. Demasi points out that in the United States, since the 1980's (when the National Institute of Health was largely defunded) "drug companies now fund the vast majority of human clinical trials."

"The Secret Life of Data" gives an inside look at how raw data that contradicts results claimed by multinational food and drug corporations is tenaciously suppressed or withheld from independent researchers and the public at large.

Thanks to Mark Sisson for sharing the first article in his weekly "Link Love" treasure trove.

Thanks also to Crossfit, which fearlessly pushes back against corporate (and complicit government) obfuscation and nutritional misinformation. Alert readers should visit their Health and Battles pages regularly.

Please also see my posts on "science for hire" by food manufacturers, and how mainstream and social media manipulate nutritional information for these same corporate players.

Finally, if you haven't viewed it yet, check out THE primer on media message manipulation: investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson's TED talk on "Astroturfing."


And don't forget....

DAVID WHITESIDE IS NOT A DOCTOR and does not give medical advice or treatment. He offers information and personal experience only. Nothing you read on this website or blog should be construed as medical advice or as intended to supersede information you get from your medical professional. Following the advice given here or on any recommended resource site does not create a doctor-patient relationship or create liability for David or anyone else. David is not liable for any loss or complication you experience from following any diet or taking any action. You should check with your properly accredited medical professional if you think you are injured or ill.

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